<aside> 💡 Soundcloud is an online streaming service created in 2008 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. What makes it unique is the fact that it allows any artist to post music content, making it accessible to nearly 175 million users. Thanks to the platform many artists have become famous, including the new "Soundcloud rappers", exclusively known thanks to the service.



Soundcloud is one of the most widely used music streaming service. However, the website and the mobile application still seem to have a few usability issues. As a group of 5, we tried to improve the user experience of the platform by addressing the following issue:

Problem statement

Make the platform usable by everyone : Improve the function of leaving a comment at a specific moment of a playing music

Applied methodology

In order to become aware of the problems users were facing, we had to observe them using the service. We also needed to take a deeper look at the global usage of the platform.

So*, we opted for a plan in 6 steps inspired by the Design Thinking methodology :*


1. User testing

Creation of the test and observation scenario


2. Test analysis

Analysis of the test results


3. Solution proposal

Wireframing and prototyping


4. Quantitative research

Creation of and administration of a survey


5. Results analysis

Sorting and cross-tabulating results to establish trends


6. Suggestions

Assessment and avenues for improvement for the client

User testing

In order to know the most urgent problems to solve, and to judge the ease of use of Soundcloud in general, we have established a test scenario taking into account the main features of the site in desktop version :

Missions of the user test :

During the test, we also asked users to describe their actions, to explain their meaning, and finally to tell us if they encountered any difficulties.